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Welcome Contractors

Welcome to The MEL Group's Contractor Page!

We provide high-caliber HR professionals to mid- and large-sized organizations to fill openings on a temporary basis, to step in during leaves of absence, and to augment staff during peak times of the business cycle.

Our clients are of the utmost importance to us. Their satisfaction in the services we provide is paramount to our success. Therefore, we carefully screen, assess, and select potential contractors using a rigorous process to ensure that our clients are working with the best HR professionals the market has to offer.

If you would like to work amongst the top HR professionals in the Twin Cities, please submit your resume.

Panel Links Information

Visit our navigation panel at left to find information about The MEL Group and valuable information:

  1. Employment - contractor benefits
  2. Contractor Links - websites of interest
  3. Consultant's Code of Ethics - what we expect from our contractors
  4. Menu of Products and Services - The MEL Group's services and products list
  5. Events and Workshops - educational opportunities available for clients, staff, contractors, and visitors alike - watch for updates

The MEL Group Intranet

Once a contractor, you will have access to The MEL Group Intranet.

Our goal in creating a unique Contractor Intranet site is to provide our contract employees with:

  • Business Documents: timesheets, benefit statements, contract specifications, etc.
  • Up-to-date articles on HR best practices, recruiting strategies, compensation plan design, etc.
  • Access HR-related forms and templates
  • And more

Let us know if you have any ideas that would make the site more helpful to you. We welcome any and all comments.

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