Question of the Month

We Find Creative Solutions to Your HR Issues

Your challenge: Ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and local employment regulations

Our solution: The MEL Group will:

  • Audit your Human Resources policies and practices
  • Assist you in correcting any deficiencies with minimal administrative burden
  • Train your managers

Your challenge: A lack of qualified staff

Our solution: The MEL Group will:

  • Design a recruitment and selection process that will reduce cycle times and improve effectiveness
  • Handle the recruitment process for you, including sourcing and screening candidates
  • Help you reskill your existing staff
  • Stock your retention tool box

Your challenge: Rising labor costs

Our solution: The MEL Group will:

  • Perform a compensation and benefits review to identify opportunities to contain costs and better leverage your investment
  • Help you restructure your organization to reduce your reliance on labor
  • Analyze the feasibility of outsourcing some functions within your organization

Your challenge: Dealing with performance issues

Our solution: The MEL Group will:

  • Give you a framework for handling employee performance problems effectively and lawfully
  • Coach you as you address difficult performance situations
  • Develop preventive practices and strategies to avert performance problems in the future

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