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1. T F Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), private sector employers may offer compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay, if the employee agrees.

2. T F Paying an employee a salary is sufficient to make that employee an exempt employee under the FLSA.

3. T F Federal law requires employers to continue to pay employees while they are on military leave.

4. T F An employee who goes on a military leave longer than two years is not entitled to be re-employed by his or her employer.

5. T F A company may inspect employees' purses, briefcases, packages, desks, cabinets, and any other items on company property if it suspects theft.

6. T F Employers can force employees to accept direct deposit of their pay.

7. T F Stepchildren are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act.

8. T F An employer must keep copies of the documents employees show during the Form I-9 process.

9. T F Employers are required to offer health insurance.

10. T F Employers cannot discipline an employee without having a policy and procedure manual in place.

Tell us about you and your organization by answering these questions:

  1. Please identify your role in the company:
    President or CEO
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Financial Officer
  2. Which industry best describes your business?
    Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
    Transportation, Communication and Utilities
    Wholesale Trade
    Retail Trade
    Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
    Public Administration
    Health Care
  3. Which range most closely reflects your business revenues?
    Less than $1 million
    $1.1 million to $5 million
    $5.1 million to $10 million
    $10.1 million to $20 million
    Greater than $20 million
  4. How many people does your organization employ?
    Fewer than 10
    11 to 30
    31 to 50
    51 to 99
    100 to 200
    More than 200
  5. Please tell us a bit about yourself:
    Your Name:

    Your Company Name:

    Your E-mail Address:

    Your Telephone Number:

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